Student´s name : Garcia Checa, Ana Mª

Abstract :

 In this webpage, you can see the papers I have done for the subject of English poetry. These papers are about some authors, such as Shelley, Wordsworth, Tennyson and others. Most of the papers are commentaries on one or two poems; or comparissons between poems of two different authors. In the papers, I have tried to explain my opinions and the meaning of the poem for me; maybe I am wrong, but as I have learnt in this course, a poem can have a lot of interpretations depending on the reader.

Self- Evaluation:

Poetry was a subject I have not had the opportunity to study very much. During this course, I have learnt a lot of things about the authors, the movements and poetry in general. Appart from this, I have spent a lot of time writting the papers and also making this web. So, I would like to have a B in this subject.


Reading Module 1

William Blake

Reading Module 2

Reading Module 3

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Reading Module 4

Alfred Tennyson

Reading Module 5

Christina Rossetti

Reading Module 6

William Butler Yeats

Reading Module 7

Wilfred Owen

Rupert Brooke

Reading Module 8

Seamus Heaney

Reading Module 9

Ted Hughes

Sylvia Plath

Reading Module 10



 Academic year 2005/2006
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