Literatura Inglesa II. Code 4879

Student´s name: Alicia gomez boyle
Title of the paper: Dickens as a moralizer.
Author or topic: Charles Dickens
Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 word


First I shall show Charles´ Dickens main features. I shall talk about his literary production: his biography, and also a critical part. Summing up I´m trying to show everything that I consider important and eminet for knowing exactly who Charles Dickens was,and how great his production was.The second part of this work will be the most specific one. I shall read Chistmas Carol and
sum up the story, the main characteres and their posibles interpretations.
 Finally I shall make a critical part of what other authors think about the story, and furthermore my own point of view about Chistmas Carol and the similarities between this story and Dante´s Divine Comedy


Academic year 1998/1999
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