STUDENT’S NAME: Alfredo Carbonell Rico


SUBJECT: 14159: Curso monográfico de literatura inglesa: Shakespeare in Performance


COURSE:  2006-2007


LECTURER: Dr. Vicente Forés


ABSTRACT: In this subject we have taken a close look at the comedies written by William Shakespeare, but not the usual one where we just read the theatre play. We could observe in class how the plays can be performed in several ways, according to the producer, actors and the time it is represented.




1.  “Characterization in Shakespearean Comedies”

2.   My name is Angelo

3.   “Characterization in Shakespearean Comedies & its application”

4.   Merchants in Shakespeareland


AUTOEVALUATION:  As long as I have fulfilled all the requisites that our lecturer demanded at the beginning of the course (that is compulsory assistance, two individual papers, two collective papers, four presentations for the four of the papers and the making of this website), in my opinion, the minimum mark I should get is an “aprobado”.





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September 2006- January 2007

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