Subject : 14711 - Hipertextos y Literatura - Grupo A/B

Student´s name : Carroll Jaap, Anthony Sean

Title of the paper : "Discovering William Gibson"

Author or topic : Gibson, William

Abstract : In this webpage I will try to show you how Cyberpunk literature has foreseen many of the technological and vital realities that we face nowadays. 30 years ago, virtual reality, internet and a computerized matrix were just ideas inside a few priviledged “thinking heads”, and they were right. This page honours their visionary views, giving William Gibson the importance he deserves... Also special interest has been given to his novel Neuromancer that has also been analised. In this webpage you will also find all the bibliography you need, to know just about everything one can imagine about this author. In total you will be able to find just about 50 to 60 links, even a page with the best ones that resume most of the information you "need to know".

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Auto-evaluation: dunno yet... Well, as high as possible! Just trying not to be too demanding here though... xDDD

Academic year 2003/2004
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