In this secction you will find the biographies of both authors of "Forward Anywhere", it is recomended to read them in order to have a little idea of how this writers have become hipertext writers, it will help us to comprehend the hipertext phenomena and it will be easier to understand the hipertext we are dealing with. So, i deeply encourage you to take a look at the following biographies:


Cathy Marshall Biography:

Cathy Marshall is a Member of the Research Staff at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and an active participant in the international Hypertext Digital Libraries, and WWW research communities. She served as the program chair for Hypertext '96, and gave the keynote address at the Hypertext'97 conference in Southampton, UK.  She has served on program committees for the WWW, ACM Digital Libraries, and Hypertext conference series and served from '93-'97 as US Vice Chair of SIGLINK, the ACM special interest group on hypertext and hypermedia.  

In her own research efforts, Cathy Marshall has led a series of projects in the areas of spatial hypertext, collaborative narrative, annotation, and metadata including two system development efforts, Aquanet (named after the super-hold hairspray) and VIKI.  Earlier, she was a member of the Xerox PARC NoteCards project, an early-80s implementation of hypertext.  She often lingers in the shadowy interstices between disciplines, working with ethnographers, designers, and artists, as well as her fellow computer  
scientists.  Her recent efforts include "Forward Anywhere," a collaborative hypernarrative written with Judy Malloy.  She also retains a working affiliation with the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries at Texas A&M University, which is where her home page lives:



Judy Malloy Biography:

"In my work, small increments of information - images or words (sometimes fictional, sometimes nonfictional) - are used as molecular units to form a whole narrative. For the most part, the narrators of these works are fictional women from different walks of life. I am interested in putting the reader inside the minds of these women." Judy Malloy



Judy Malloy has been working with information art and experimental book forms since 1977. Her work has been shown and published internationally.
She has been working online since 1986 when she produced "Bad Information," a satire on the importance of computer mediated information in our society, and "Uncle Roger," a hyperfiction about Silicon Valley. Her hypernarratives, published by Eastgate Systems, have been widely reviewed and are taught in many university classes. They include "Its name was Penelope," "Forward Anywhere," (with Cathy Marshall) and Love0ne". Her recently completed hyperfiction "The Roar of Destiny Emanated From the Refrigerator" was featured in the Boston CyberArts Festival and on the National Endowment for the Arts website. She has been the Coordinating Editor of "FineArt Forum" and "Leonardo Electronic News;" the founder of the ARTS Conference on the WELL, and co-founder (with Anna Couey) of the Interactive Arts Conference on Arts Wire. She was the first artist in residence at Xerox PARC.

She is currently the Network Coordinator for Arts Wire and the Editor of "Arts Wire Current," She is also a Leonardo International Co-Editor and the editor of Women in New Media(forthcoming from MIT Press).