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The first time I saw it I was like: ok this is it! The hypertext I was looking for. It starts with a kind of presentation with some good old music, (made up with Flash, I guess). “Who was Flora? , Where she did she travel in 1942?“. That cached my eye completely, and made me really want to read that introduction next to a picture of who it seemed to be that mysterious Flora.


I read a little bit about the making of “Who is Flora?”, and found out it is a “true” story. As it says in the introduction, Flora died in 1998, and the author found a box of postcards sent by Flora when she was exploring the United States in the 40’s. So, this Flora really existed, and this hypertext seems to be a compilation, or a reconstruction of Flora’s trip by the postcards she sent while she was exploring the United States by herself. Let me say that this is beautiful, and, I’ve got to send an email to the author to let her know how much I like her idea.


But the good thing about this hypertext is not only the idea, that awesome initiative of the author of making a literary hypertext with a pile of old postcards sent by a woman who was dead, and she didn’t even know her; it is also awesome the way she “makes” this story virtual. Because, if the introduction was amazing and eye-catching, wait to see the hypertext itself. The way the author builds up the story with all those postcards, and the tools she uses, are just perfect. She sort of transports you to the places where Flora went during her trip.



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