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I’m going to make an inventory of the tools used in this hypertext. Some of them are terms I invented (I’ll give the definition of each of those terms) and some others are terms that already exist. Making this inventory will help me out to get the main idea of the tools of this hypertext, summarizing all of the work I’ve been doing since now in connection with TOOLS.


1. We have Images which can be:

· Still images

Animated Images

(theses types do not have any function in the hypertext)

· Clickable Images

Clickable-animated Images

(these types link you to somewhere in the hypertext)


And there’s another type of Images, which I still don’t know how to call them. They are not clickable images, but they have a special function: if you put the mouse over them, something happens: appears text, activates an animation.. I’ll think about a term for these ones.


2. Screens: as the hypertext is made by Macromedia Flash, I have distinguished between 5 kinds of screens, some of them depending on the purpose, some others depending on the location, and the importance in the hypertext.

· Main-screens: these are the main screens of the hypertext, and they all have “postcards” from Flora.

· Right-screens: screens located at the right of the main-screen where the author has added her own thoughts and her reflections about travel and time

· Informative-screens: inside of this type you can find the Tutorial-screens. Theses screens’ aim is to inform, or are used by the author as a tool for showing the reader how to use this hypertext.

· Subscreens : screens inside a main-screen.

Introduction-screen: the first screen we find, before the hypertext starts.


3. Music: every single main-screen has music and it changes depending on the main-screen that we are. The author has used fragments of songs, not entire songs.

· Introduction-screen music

· Main-screen 1 (Michigan) music

· Main-screen 2 (Ohio) music

· Main screen 3 (New Jersey) music

· Main-screen 4 (Arkansas) music

· Main-screen 5 (West Texas) music



Most of the links are invisible: as the text in this hypertext is almost linear, which means that has no links inside it, all of the links are outside the text, inside images and animations. That’s why we say those links are invisible; because we don’t find them in the same way as we normally do: integrated with the text, underlined, and with a different colour.


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