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Iíve been working very hard with these subjects, and I was afraid that effort wasnít going to be reflected in my final work. Iíve been quite stressed because I had so many things in mind, so many ideas I wanted to work on, that suddenly it was a little too much work, and I couldnít afford it. If I had had more time, this work would have been loads better. There are a lot of points that I wanted to work about, and a lot of texts that I wanted to read and to relate with my work. But I havenít had the time. And, maybe the final result of my Second Paper isnít as good as I wanted it, but, I think Iíve done a good job anyway.

The better thing, and the most interesting experience has been working with my blog. Iíve had blogs before in my life, but this blog has changed my perspective of blogs, and has opened my eyes to new and very useful way of working. Iíve been writing in English during 3 months in that blog, and I have felt an improvement. It is a weird experience because you know that youíre writing in a place where anyone could read what youíre saying and that has more pressure than when you write a class writing or a work, because you know that the only one whoís going to read it is the teacher. It also has been positive in the aspect of being able to communicate with the rest of my class mates, and being able to see how they were working with their own blogs.†

Also, one of the most positive aspects of the blog was when I found a good use for it: the web page guide I made. It was positive because people started visiting and commenting in my blog, telling me that it was useful someway, and thanking me for my work. I think that was one of the first things Vicente told us about our blogs: that we had to make them useful or interesting if we wanted people to read them. Well, the truth is that the aim of that guide was not only a way of making my blog be useful, but also helping my class-mates.

The only part of the subjects I donít like is the tests. And Iím saying this maybe because I have to do one hundred questions tomorrow about more than 20 texts. Iíve read them but it is impossible for me to study them and make this work all together. In my opinion, it would have been better to comment the texts on the blog or something like that in order to see if we had read them. But, Iíll do them anyway, thatís the teacherís rules.


Iíve found the classes very interesting, both from Mťtodos and from Narrativa, and I wish there would be more teachers using these tools with their subjects. Iíll find an excuse to keep using my blog, because I have became an addict.

To conclude with this personal opinion, I hope the idea of this web site has been understood, and sorry for all of the mistakes that could be found here (including grammar/spelling mistakes). Hope you enjoyed my work, as much as I enjoyed doing it, and reading the hypertext.


*I forgot to say I sent an e-mail to Travis Alber last week but I got no answer yet. Thatís a shame because that would had been great to have her opinion about my work, and to add her ideas here.






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