Structure of my Second Paper



I wanted my Second Paper to have some similarities with “Who is Flora” as Vicente told us in his class. But the design was hard to imitate because the whole hypertext has been done with Macromedia Flash, and I didn’t had the time to learn how to use that language and that program.

So, I decided to focus on the structure more than in the design. I won’t use backgrounds from the hypertext, nor even pictures.

And where’s is the similarity between the hypertext and this structure?, well, as the author sais in the “About this project-screen”, “To the right of some Flora’s “screens” have added my own thoughts– my refections on travel and time, in response to Flora.” ; I’m adding my own website analysis and my personal opinion about things not related  directly with the hypertext.

So we have 2 different Indexes. The first one, which is the Primary Index ( the Main-screen in “Who’s Flora?”), where I’ve added all the parts of my work related directly with the hypertext, with the analysis, and extra information about the author. And then we have a Secondary Index (the Right-screen in “Who’s Flora?”), where I’ve added my personal opinion about my second paper, the structure of it, and why I’ve done it this way, and some other links not related directly with “Who’s Flora?” or Travis Alber.

Here’s the first diagram I made and the things I wrote in my blog when I was thinking about this structure:



As you can see in this diagram, there are two different line’s colors. That’s because the structure is not going to be “linear”. As I wanted my web page to have similarities with the hypertext I’m working about, my index.html page will have: an index of the “grey” points, and then at the end of the web page, in the right side there will be an image that will take you to the other points, which are aspects from my website, not from “who’s Flora?”’s hypertext, such as the structure of my webpage,  my personal opinion about this subject, etc.






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