Student & acute;s name:     Consuelo Abad Aledón

                                           English Literature II,  Grupo A

Title of the Paper:              The influence of Charles Dickens' works on the Victorian Society

Author of the topic:            Charles Dickens

Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max. 150 words:

    I would like to do my job on the works of Charles Dickens particularly orientated to the influence that his criticism had into the Victorian society. Especially I would like to reinforce the aspects of his works related with social justice, and human behaviour.

    I would also like to underline the power and impact a writer can have to move people and to create a social consciousness to develop changes in the society than in many cases are more important that those made by the official laws, orders or decrees.


    Academic Year 1998/1999

    12.Marzo 1999

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