Books by Christopher Isherwood

* The Berlin Stories: The Last of Mr. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin

* Goodbye to Berlin

* Mr. Norris Changes Trains

* Christopher and His Kind

* A Single Man

* Prater Violet

* Down There on a Visit

* The World in the Evening

* A Meeting by the River

* Diaries

* Lions and shadows an education in the twenties

* The memorial; portrait of a family

* My guru and his disciple

* All the Conspirators

* Lost years : a memoir, 1945-1951

* Great English Short Stories

* Exhumations: stories, articles, verses

* Vedanta for the Western World

* Kathleen and Frank.

* Where Joy Resides: A Christopher Isherwood Reader

* Ramakrishna and his disciples

* People one ought to know

* The condor and the cows: a South American travel diary

* The Berlin Stories. A Single Man. A Meeting By the River.

* Frankenstein: the true story

* Journey to a war

* The Wishing Tree: Christopher Isherwood on Mystical Religion

* Diaries Volume 1960

* Kathleen and Christopher: Christopher Isherwood's Letters to His Mother

* Conversations with Christopher Isherwood

* October

* Isherwood on Writing: The Lectures in California

* Ritorno all'inferno. Romanzo

* The Mortmere Stories (Edward Upward)

* The Intimate Journals of charles Baudelaire

* Down There on a Visit 1ST Edition

* Een man alleen

* Wishing Tree Christopher Isherwood On My

* Prater Violet

* Leb wohl, Berlin

* Great English Short Stories-Dell 3084

* World In the Evening

* Two Great Plays - The Dog Beneath the Skin & the Ascent of F6

* I Am Waiting (in Short Stories from the NEW YORKER)

* Approach to Vedanta

* I Am a Camera

* Sally Bowles

* Last of Mr. Norris


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