Subject: 14213 Mètodes de estudi de la Literatura anglesa. Grupo  A


Student´s name: Descalzo Conde, Diana

Title of the paper: The narrative tools of “In the changing Room"                                              

Author or topic: Jackie Craven     




Abstract: Jackie Craven is an authoress who likes writing about travelling and home-design. This hypertext I have chosen has nothing to do with these topics; is something different, a story, or different stories told through eight different characters, where the important thing is their feelings and sensations. So in this second paper, we can find an analysis of it through the narrative tools that the authoress has used to develop the story and to create a special atmosphere to read it. What we are able to see in this webpage, moreover, is a summary of every story including the description of every character along the telling of the plot that composes every short story and the relationship between them. Finally we can see the conclusion reached after having read this disconcerting and curious at the same time, hypertext trying to find out what the authoress wanted to create through the stylistic aspects used in it.



Auto-evaluation:  As I believe that I have done an enormous effort trying to cover all the aspects that analyzing the narrative tools required, and I say that I have got involved very emphatically, trying to give expression to everything I received from the reading of the hypertext, and linking all the information when being possible, from my point of view I do not deserve less than a nine. Moreover in this mark, I combine effort, presentation and usefulness of the links.


Academic year 2008/2009
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