I have done this work about Joseph Conrad because in my opinion he is one of the most important writers
        of 20th century .
        I would have liked (as I said in my first paper) to trace the criticisms about this author, but I have not done because I
        have not had a lot of time.

               However I have centred my work above all in one of his most wonderful books titled Heart of Darkness.
               I think that it is a wonderful work which you can analyse deeply and you can learn many things ( emotions, moti-
        vations....). I have tried to inform about the principal characters, themes etc... Besides I have added an interesting
        article called  " Africa and Africans in Conrad's Heart of Darkness " and I have incorporated the book chapter by
        chapter too.

               I hope this work can  help to know this author, Joseph Conrad, known as a writer of sea stories and his book
         Heart of Darkness more profoundly.

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