4596 NARRATIVA II

Title of the paper: Identity's problem in Heart of Darkness.
Author or topic: Joseph Conrad.
Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 words:
                 The purpose of this paper is to trace the criticisms about Joseph Conrad, known as a writer of sea stories. Also I will make criticisms about his works in general.
                 I shall analyse his book Heart of Darkness. This book can be interpreted from diverses point of view. It can be considered like an identity's problem.
I will analyse the emotions and motivations of the characters, which have an important part into the novel  and in them is where is all the power of the narration.
Heart of Darkness is an example  of sea stories because the protagonist, Marlow, makes a journey for the sea,where he has his adventures.
Academic year 1998/1999
12.Marzo 1999
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