Student's name: Erica Varela Chilet

Title of the paper: The very best of Britain and British

Author or topic: Charles Dickens and Victorianism

Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max 150 words:

In this work for English Literature II, I'm going to analyze Victorian Society (every aspect, political, cultural, social...) and one of the most important writters at this moment: Charles Dickens.

This author will include his social reality in his literary works. This time will be golden for English literature because of the number and quality of authors like Brontë sisters and George Eliot.

We will stop in the figure of Jane Austen as precursor of this movement. But we can't speak about all these authors so we will fix on Charles Dickens.

Auto-evaluation: "Matrícula de Honor"

Academic year 1999/2000

area/Dr. Vicente Forés López

Erica Varela Chilet

Universitat de València Press