Student's name: Erica Varela Chilet.

Title of the paper: The sensibility of a woman.

Author or topic: Virginia Woolf and her To the Lighthouse.

Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max. 150 words:

After the Queen Victoria's death everything changes in England, even literature. Now the very best writters appear: James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence and of course Virginia Woolf.

In my work for Narrative in English Language II, I'm analyzing her life and literary works. As we'll see, all her sensibility will be in her books which haven't any argument but moments or impressions.

I'm going to fix my personal work in her To the Lighthouse.

Auto-evaluation: "Matrícula de Honor".

Academic year 1999/2000

area/Dr. Vicente Forés López

Erica Varela Chilet

Universitat de València Press