First of all it would be necessary to make a short sum about Woolf's To the Lighthouse. Virginia Woolf, as James Joyce, belongs to the "stream of conciousness". They explore the human soul and the fast pass of the time. She worries about her characters and their inside things.

The Ramsays are spending their holidays in an island from Hebridas. A discussion about a visit to a nearly lighthouse will make go out the character of every member of the family, particularly Mrs Ramsay's one, live and fancy.

After her death, and some years later, summer holidays will lose its suggestive power and life will solve as the sad process in which people lose innocence: this will be that work made with little, usual miracles and with disappointment.

With this literary work, Virginia Woolf began to use the theory of the "stream of conciousness", with the voices of each character and creating a rich tapestry of souls, pains and feelings.

Virginia Woolf opened (with Jane Austen) the literature to women. They both have made appear all their sensibility in their books. Woolf wrote some essays about the paper of the woman in cultural and literary world. Wrote also with great humanity. This writer puts her characters between reality and dream, in an impressionist way, and expresses it with a poetic prose.

But, all Virginia Woolf's sensibility was what killed her. She suicided herself in 1941. This supose a great conmotion. Nothing made think the existence of psicological stresses in such a creative mind.

At least she has left for us the better of her: her literary work, what includes all her inside world and sensibility.