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Last updated: April 21th, 2004

My ph.d. thesis Towards A Poetics of Virtual Worlds - Multiuser Textuality and The Emergence of Story (which I defended June 2003) will be available on request medio 2004. Here is the abstract of the thesis.

Articles & Papers

"Paradigms of Interaction: Conceptions and Misconceptions of the Field Today." Dichtung Digital, vol 4/2003, 30th issue. Special issue on Scandinavian Research.

"You can't help shouting and yelling': Fun and Social Interaction in Super Monkey Ball". In (ed. Copier, Marinka & Raessens, Joost): Proceedings from Level Up - Digital Games Research Conference, November 2003. Utrecht, University of Utrecht Press, 2003.

"A Poetics of Virtual Worlds". In Proceedings of the Fifth International Digital Arts and Culture Conference, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. May 19 - 23, 2003.

"A virtual world aesthetics: theorising multi-user textuality", peer-reviewed paper presented at Net/Work/Theory - Association of Internet Researchers Conference 3.0, Maastricht, October 2002. Published at

"Interaction Forms, Agents and Tellable Events in EverQuest" in CGDC Conference Proceedings (ed. Frans Mäyrä), Tampere University Press, Tampere, June 2002.

"I lang tid gik jeg tidligt i seng." POSTED af M. PROUST 19:36 - En oversigt over biografiens og selvbiografiens liv på nettet" i Standart no. 2, Volume 16, Maj 2002 (in Danish). Published by University of Århus. Co-author: Susana Tosca.

"Hvad er onlinetekstualitet?" in Stand In, supplement to Standart no. 4/5, Volume 15, December 2001. (in Danish)

"The Art of Being there" in Localmotives no 5, June 2001.

"Adventures in StoryMOO - or who killed texton #219". Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2001, April 2001. Abstract

"Adventures in StoryMOO - online textuality in play", in "Collection of Papers - Computer Games & Digital Textualities" (eds. Järvinen, Koskimaa, Juul, Klastrup), IT University of Copenhagen, March 2001.

"Virtuelle Verdener - Internettets legepladser", DR's Orbitalen, Januar 2001.

"Behind the stage: The Programme as Character", Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2000, August 2000. Abstract.

"The construction of Story in narrative-centered learning Environments: towards a theory of on-line textuality"
in Proceedings from 1st International Workshop on Narrative and Interactive Learning Environments, Edinburgh, Scotland, August/September 2000.

"Katastrofen - eller løgnens sandfærdige ansigt", Øjeblikket, Copenhagen, Spring 1998.

"Tekst, rum, labyrint: fortællinger i cyberspace" , Øjeblikket, Copenhagen, Fall 1998.

"Do you wanna be GRAMMATRON forever? - Litteratur med lyd på" , Kulturo, University of Copenhagen,Winter 1998/1999.



Text, spaces, labyrinths: proposal for an analytic model for the study of hyperstructural narratives of fiction
(DK: Tekst, rum, labyrint: udkast til en analysemodel for hyperstrukturerede fiktionsfortællinger).
Danish Masters-dissertation, University of Copenhagen, 1999. Abstract in English available
here. Full text available in Danish as zip.file (text + 3 maps) here.

Hyperizons: A study of interactive reading and readership in hyperfiction theory and practice, with an outlook to hyperfictions' future inspired by the reading of Sophie's World and The Pandora Directive
MA-dissertation, University of Kent, 1997. This dissertation is listed and available through
Eastgate's list of hypertext resources.



"Analytic strategies for hyperbased labyrintic texts", University of South Denmark/Odense University, November 1999

"The Virtual Text or the Fiction of the MOO as a fiction", Copenhagen Business School, March 2000

"Behind the stage: The Programme as Character", Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2000, August 2000

"Adventures in StoryMOO - online textuality in play", Computer Games & Digital Textualities conference, IT University of Copenhagen, March 2001.

"Interactive Narratives - a brief introduction", The Women's Salon, Copenhagen, March 2001.

"Literary Worlds in a networked age - imaginary territories on the internet. ACLA 2001: Topos/Chronos, Boulder, Colorado, April 2001.

"Adventures in StoryMOO - or who killed texton #219". Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2001, Providence, Rhode Island, April 2001.

"Introduction to MUDs and MOOs and online games", guest lecture, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Film- and Media Studies, September 27th, 2001.

"Virtual Interaction - discussion of an ongoing quest for concepts", presented at the seminar Cyber.*, Bergen, October 24th, 2001.

"Multibruger-fortællinger i virtuelle verdener" at "Kultur & Æstetik i Den Digitale Tidsalder" (Culture & Aesthetics in the Digital Age) Lecture Series at University of Copenhagen, April 3, 2002.

"Interaction Forms, Agents and Tellable Events in EverQuest", panel paper at Computer Games and Digital Cultures conference, Tampere June 2002.

"Virtual worlds between virtuality and reality - attempt to create a problematic domaine", presented at the seminar "Computer Game Research", University of Copenhagen, September 22nd, 2002.

"A virtual world aesthetics: theorising multi-user textuality", A.o.I.R 3.0 (Association of Internet Researchers 3rd Annual Conference)., Maastricht, October 15th, 2002.

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XX. Guru, Swedish print magazine (about being Humanists in IT-business, joint interview with Jesper Juul & Christian Hagel, ITU). Spring 2000.

Radiointerview in "Harddisken" in connection with the conference Computer Games & Digital Textualities.

"Weblogs: Saml tankerne i netdagbog" (about my use of weblog as researcher)., June 8th, 2001.

"Onlinespil forbedrer software" published in online (in Danish, about my online games and my research)

"Troldkvinden fra MOOs" published 20-11-2001 at Forum, online mag related to Kvinfo (in Danish, about my StoryMOO research)

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