With hyperfictions is necessary to use a program or authoring tool that makes the hypertextual structure possible, in this case, Lisbeth Klastrup takes into account one of the most widespread creative writing tools on the hypertext outhoring market, “Storyspace”. This is the of choice for many hypertexts writers. It helps writers to visualize and manipulate their work.


To realize her dissertation she tooks a close look at Michael Joyce and Stuart Moulthrop Stuart’s hypertexts: Victory Garden  and afternoon, respectively.


“Multhrop’s  Victory Garden (105 spaces, approx. 500 links; c1995) is an enduring hypertext clasicc. Studied in universities through the world and discussed in nearly every major treatment of contemporary hypertext, Moultrop’s work is also one of the most popular and well-linked hypertexts every published”. The full version (903 spaces, 2804 links; c 1991) is available from Eastgate in Storispace.




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