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Student´s name: Juan Gil Borrás
Title of the paper: Existentialism and Samuel Beckett
 Author or topic: Samuel Beckett
Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 words:
        I am interested in studying Samuel Beckett as an author influenced by the existentialism, which is a philosophical theory which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent, and how it determines the own development through acts of the wild. In my opinion, it would be very interesting to focus my research on Samuel Beckett himself, but without avoiding references to other pertinent influences. I am going to draw my work not only in Samuel Beckett´s works as a novelist, but also in his plays, which are,  from my point o view, essential to understand the world of this author. Moreover I would like, if it is possible, to produce a photo gallery of concrete moments of the representation of his plays, to show his way to communicate ideas and feelings and to learn a bit more about this author.

                                                                                                      Final conclusion
Academic year 1999/2000
29 de Noviembre de 1999
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