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3th of January,1892. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is born in Bloemfontein, Sudáfrica

1895. Mabel Tolkien move to England with her two sons, Ronald and his youngest brother, Hilary. The father, Arthur Tolkien,remains in Sudáfrica.

1896. Arthur Tolkien dies. The rest of the family will live in Birmingham for 4 years.

1904. Mabel Tolkien dies when she is 34 years old.

1905. Ronald and his brother go to live with their aunt Beatrice.

1908. Ronald meets Edith Bratt.

1909. Ronald doesn´t get a grant in Oxford.

1910. Ronald is given the grant Exhibition to go to Exeter College in Oxford.

1911. The T.C.B.S. (Tea Club, Barrowian Society, etc.) is created.

1915. Ronald recieves First Class Honours for his graduation exams. He enroles in Lancashire Fusiliers and start his training in Bedford and Staffordshire.

1916. Ronald marries Edith, and some months later, in June, embarks to France. He goes to Somme as sub-lieutenant of II.&ordm of Lancashire 
 Fusiliers and serves as oficial of battalion signs. In November, ill from "Trench Fever", goes back to England.

1917. Convalescent, he began to write "The book of the lost stories", that will become later "The Silmarillion". In November his first son, John, is born.

1920. He is recognized as reader of English language in Leeds University. His second son, Michael, is born.

1924. Tolkien becomes teacher of English language in Leeds University.
 His third son, Christopher, is born.

1925. Ronald becomes professor of of Anglosaxon of Rawlinson and Bosworth, in Oxford.

1926. Becomes frendly with C.S. Lewis. Creation of The Coalbiters.

1929. His daughter Priscilla is born.

1930.Tolkien begin to write "The Hobbit",but leaves it before finishing it

1936. Susan Dagnall, from Allen & Unwin, reads the manuscript of "The Hobbit", and Tolkien finishes the book encouraged by her. The book is accepted to be published.

 1937. "The Hobbit" is published in Autumn. Following a sugerence of Stanley Unwin, Tolkien starts a second part for this book, that will become "The Lord of the rings".

1945. Tolkien is chosen as professor of English language and literature of Merton, Oxford.

 1949. "The Lord of the rings" is finished. Publication of Egidio, the farmer of  Ham.

1954. Publication of the first two volumes of "The Lord of the Rings"

1955. Publication of the third volume

1959. Tolkien retires from his professorship.

1962. Publication of "The adventures of Tom Bombadil".

1964. Publication of "The tree and the leave".

1967. Publication of "The blacksmith of Wooton Major.

1971. Edith Tolkien dies in November, when she is 82 years old.

1972. Tolkien recieves the Honoring Doctorate of Languages of Oxford University.

On 28th of August,1973. He goes to spent some days with his friends of Bournemouth. He falls ill and dies in a clinic in the first hours of the Sunday of the 2nd of September, when he was 81 years old.
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