Students Name: Irene Navarro Berlanga

Title of the paper: A Leading Influence In The Modernist Movement

Author or Topic: Joseph Conrad

References: Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now film, Abrams, M. H. Ed., (1962) The Norton Anthology of English Literature.

Summary of the research:

First of all, a brief introduction about the biography of Joseph Conrad, and how his life has influenced modern novel transition with Heart of Darkness.

On the one hand, this transition stands out because of the innovation of technique, and on the other hand, it is foregrounding because of the new conception of moral codes.

Secondly, we will see the influence of Heart of Darkness in present times (for instance it has influenced the film Apocalypse Now).

Finally, some criticism about the author and my own personal opinion related to Conrad and his novel.

Auto-evaluation: 10.00 

First Paper
Heart of Darkness
The Book
Apocalypse Now