Subject : 14711 - Hipertextos y Literatura - Grupo B

Student´s name : Herrera Sáez, Javier

Title of the paper : "Some considerations on Julian Barnes"

Author or topic : Barnes, Julian

Abstract :
    I would like this webpage to be an invitation to getting to know in depth one of the most relevant English writers nowadays: Julian barnes. I have decide to work on this author after reading England, England, which I regard as being written in a highly clever way.
        Everyone entering this site can acceed to the contents in three different ways:
    1- Directly from the index page, where all the contents are listed.
    2- Visiting and reading "My opinion", in which you will find links to some reviews and interviews.
    3- Visiting the "Books" section, adapted from the Official Site, which will guide you through most of the pages this site consists of.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

Auto-evaluation: Notable

Academic year 2000/2001
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