Subject : 14711 - Hipertextos y Literatura Inglesa - Grupo A

Student´s name : García Tomás, Jorge

Title of the paper : "Gaskell's biography and work"

Author or topic :Elisabeth Gaskell

Abstract :
On the one hand, I have chosen this author because I have read a lot of information about her and I find her work
quite interesting.
Elisabeth Gaskell was an English novelist and a short-story writer. Besides, she was a writer of courage and compassion with an instinctive grasp of the storyteller's art.
She wrote books like "Mary Barton" and "Howitt's Journal" and she collaborated with Dickens.
On the other hand, I am going to focus my work on her life and her most important works.
I hope you find my work interesting.

Auto-evaluation: Notable

Academic year 2000/2001
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