Identification : 4595 A - Narrativa en Lengua Inglesa I
Student's name: Jose Fco. Saiz Molina
Title of the paper: subjective paper : Sensorial and Intellectual Signs in Brave New World
Author or topic: ALDOUS HUXLEY  (1894 -1963)
Auto-evaluation:  PASSED

This paper deals with this writer and his novel Brave New World (written in 1932) and it has been divided into two parts: In the first one, there is a subjective approach and an objective approach to the author and his novel, but its practical aim is to combine traditional methods with the World Wide Web environment. In my paper you will find my own ideas about this type of narrative, about culture, about the act of  reading, and about the way I "saw" this novel about future. Apart from this, you are going to find a  description of a new approach to Narrative called "Literary Anthropology" and its application to this novel. In the second one, the objective paper, I have included some interesting datas that can help you to study or understand another aspects of this versatile author.



Academic year 1997/1998
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