Subject : # 14214 Narrativa Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII  Grupo C


Student´s name: Levy Ballester, Lorena

Title of the paper:  Chronology and Articles about Mary Shelley

Author or topic: Shelley, Mary (1797 – 1851)



Abstract: I will focus my paper both on chronology and on articles about Mary Shelley. I have chosen this author because I did a paper about Frankenstein last year in the Metodos subject and I liked very much to work about her and about this important book. However, I will not deal with the book; I’m going to talk about the chronology of her life and about articles that talk about her. Doing the chronology I hope to learn more things about her life and her novels. And working on articles about her, I will be able to have a large view of what other writers think about her.

Auto-evaluation: I hadn’t any idea about how to do a webpage before doing this paper, so I suppose that some students will have much better pages than me because of their experience with computers. I have made a big effort to do this but I know that if I knew more about computers, the result would be better. So to be realistic, I think my mark will be 7.  

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Academic year 2008/2009
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