Student's Name:María del Rocío Martínez Lucas

    Title of the Paper:"The Literary Line of A. L. Huxley"

    Author or Topic:Aldous Leonard Huxley

    Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max. 150 words:

    In this work, I will try to study in depth in the literary line of A. L. Huxley, explaining the mentality he will adopt during his life. From his youth novels, emphasizing the mentality he adopted during the disillusion period, in the style of Norman Douglas and Thomas Peacock, in his work: Crome Yellow (1921) and Beyond the Mexique Bay (1934).
    About his novel Point Counter Point (1928), I will explain the influence he received from D. H. Lawrence and Oriental culture; about his philosophic worries ...
    After these novels, I will follow explaining his mentality evolution, pointing out his worry about moral and religious problems in Eyeless in Gaza (1936); about death and inmortality issues in After Many a Summer (1939); about the study of the relationship between Good and Evil in Grey Eminence (1941), ...
    Finally, I will make a chronology of all his other works.

Academic Year 1999/2000
29. Noviembre 1999
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©María del Rocío Martínez Lucas
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