Subject:          14711-Hipertextos y Literatura

                             Student´s name :   Alvarez, Maria Elizabeth

                     Title of the paper :  tHE heIsT

                            Author or topic :    Sorrells, Walter

                     Abstract :            The Hypertext, The Heist, is a modern day crime drama that takes place in a small, quiet town in South Carolina.  There are many interesting characters that make up this exciting story about the planning and execution of a bank robbery gone wrong.  The author, Walter Sorrells, tells the story from countless points-of-view which allows the reader to assume the role of any character at any time he/she chooses.
                                                      With this webpage, we provide the reader with the hypertext itself and our personal analysis of the time and space elements of the story.  We also include a conclusion that contains our overall opinion of The Heist.  A good place to start might be the introduction.



Before this project I had no knowledge of what hypertext is.  I also lacked the experience of constructing a webpage.  Now that I have completed the work I can say that I know what hypertext is and that I have constructed an entire website.  In all honesty it has been a very frustrating experience, but in the end I have learned a great deal and am more than content with my work on this project.  I have interpreted the hypertext very fairly and have presented my analysis thoroughly in the form of this website.

Academic year 2002
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