First Paper

STUDENT´S NAME: Mª José Martínez Borjas

TITLE OF THE PAPER: J.R.R. Tolkien and his world.

TOPIC FOR: Hpertextos y literatura inglesa with the teacher V.Forés

Summary of the research:
This year I will try to add more information about Tolkien´s works, showing  significative or more popular texts, talking about the characters.I will also refer to the film that is coming next year, and  go into the role plays in greater deapth.I´ll talk about the importance of these games in society and show you the great quantity of them that are found in Internet and more interesting things about them.You will find in my web page different opinions of  Tolkien´s literature that you can evalue and give yours.
I´ll try to do my best in order to make you understand all of the aforementioned things. 


       ACADEMIC YEAR:2000/2001
        updated :5 of February, 2000/2001

        © Doctor. Vicente Forés López
        ©Maria José Martínez Borjas./ /