Subject : Internet: ferramenta d'investigació lite Gr.SG (28034) 2006-07


Student´s name : Gutierrez Campos, Marta Maria

Title of the paper : "An Exploration of the Influences of Don Miguel de Cervantes "

Author or topic : Cervantes, Miguel de 

Abstract : Don Quixote, by poet, playwright and novelist Don Miguel de Cervantes’ is oft-cited as one of the best novels ever written and a major influence on Western writers, including William Shakespeare. While his influence on Western Literature is often commented upon, this website will explore ways in which Cervantes himself was influenced, by other writers as well as by the time in which he lived, preceded by an overview of Cervantes in order to give some idea of his life.


Criteria and Search Methods

 My criteria for selecting which web pages to include in my website include:

1)        The date of publication. Earlier postings will not include the latest figures and research. While this is a consideration, it is not necessarily a problem as some comments on Cervantes will hold true regardless of whether it was made in the last ten years or not.

2)        The purpose of the webpage is also an important consideration ie whether or not it matches my intention to explore, persuade or define. It was also important to understand whether the webpage was intended for students or for the general public and for the most part I have included such pages that were intended for study as opposed to general sites and sites that gave biographies of Cervantes, as this was not appropriate for my website. One of the difficulties encountered in this respect, was that many otherwise appropriate sites on Cervantes, which delved into topics in some depth, were written in Spanish, thus making them inappropriate for this webpage. Still more websites required the user to make a purchase in order to acquire full texts on the subjects.

3)        I have included pages that list their sources, as this gives some idea as to the accuracy of the webpage, marking the difference between comment or opinion and researched hypotheses.

4)        I discounted message boards and forums, such as as the qualifications of the authors were unclear, there was a lack of quoted sources and posts were often off topic.


Each page was assessed with regard to the implied/intended audience. Although many search techniques were used, looking through directories and following indirect links, the pages selected were found using direct links from search engines Alta Vista, Yahoo and Google, within the first 7 pages of search results.  

Although the purpose of each page was seldom explicit, I found it possible to infer a purpose from the way in which the text was presented, for example whether the text was dense and accompanied by annotations and notes, which suggests serious research and criticism, as opposed to sites that sported many bright colours and pictures, which suggest (but does not mean entirely) a site intended for information and perhaps topics explored in less depth. The web address also gave clues as to the nature of the page, for example an address featuring  the ‘.edu’ domain immediately suggests a school, college, university of other educational facility. Similarly, ‘.org’ implies a not-for-profit organisation or charity that may be presenting information for its own sake, and ‘.com’ implies (but again does not  mean) a there may be a commercial aspect to the site and that the user may be asked to part with funds at some point whilst viewing the website.





Academic year 2006/2007
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