4879 English Literature:

Student's name: Carmen Villar Valverde
Title of the paper: Dickens and the new narrative.
Author or topic: Charles Dickens (1812), a new realistic novel.
Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 words:



    My investigation will be compound by two sections, the objective and the subjective:

    In the objective part, firstly Iíll speak about Dickens, his life and his writings. Next, Iíll summarise the historical context, the Victorian era, in the first half of the XIX century, where the sentimental novel starts. The information will be extracted from Internet and the encyclopaedia "Hª de la Literatura Universal".

    In the subjective one, Iíll analyse one of Dickensí writings, and Iíll try to compare with a bit of another Russian novel whereas both countries have the realistic and sentimental novel movement.

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Academic year 1998/1999
12 Marzo 1999
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