Subjective Work
  ( My subjective work has been modified from the first paper.)


Comparison between book and film:

Book--- "Cuento de Navidad", ed. Salvat.

Film--- "Cuento de Navidad", a Walt Disney produccion.

Firstly, I choosed this comparison because the Disney produccion is made whith toys and persons all togheder, so it is a different version from the book; what Disney does is an adaptation for children, using something to attract audience, as changing persons by toys which live all together, and they also introduce a more fun situations and dialogues which make the film so interesting for children and young audience.

To attract better, some very famous toys characters are used to produce the film, as are the famous teleñecos, which had many popularity in TV programme.

On the other hand, all the characters which appear in the book are persons, it is a more real fact, which is easier to believe in; althout the book has a very fantastic narrative because three ghost appeare in the history, bringing to Scrooge, the main character which is very unfriendly, around the past, the present and the future, those which change the Scrooge personality into a very nice ones.

As many books of Dickens, this is also a very happy ending one, something which was claimed by his audience, as the same in Pickwick that was writed for a semanal edition in newpapers.

At last, both Book and film are quite similar in that of the narration, only whith the necesary chages of take the book into the cinema. In spite of the fisical characters both are different.

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