Subject : # 14213 Mètodes d'Estudi de la Literatura Anglesa   Grupo A


        Student´s name : Pòlit Andrés, Mireia


        Title of the paper : "Selected Works By Howard Rheingold"

        Author or topic : Rheingold, Howard



        Abstract :

I have gathered some articles and books written by Howard Rheingold, a critic and writer specialized on the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media. He is also considered the creator of virtual communities (about what has published a book,  The Virtual Community ). Nowadays, he is a professor at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University. The paper is divided into several sections, such as biography, articles, books, both, online and printed, all of them written by Rheingold, but it also contains links to other projects in which Rheingold participates, as well as a link to Rheingold's official page, and contact information.



        Howard Rheingold




        Other Links

        Printed Works

        Official Page










        Auto-evaluation: Aprobado


Academic year 2008/2009 
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