Student´s name: Mónica Berdugo Obón.

    Title of the paper: The influence of  Marxist Criticism in Literature.

    Author or topic: Marxist Criticism.

    Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 words: I will work on Marxist Criticism because I think it is a very important topic, which would be good for my development. On the one hand, I will write about what Marxist Criticism is and his applications through the years. And on the other hand, I will try to understand better some authors(looking at the differences and similarities between them, their most important essays, books, and so on) who can be studied from a Marxist point of view.

    Auto-evaluation: I will try to get the best qualifications.

    Academic year 1998/1999
    12.Marzo 1999
    ©a.e.r.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
    ©Mónica Berdugo Obón
    Universitat de València Press

    ©Copyright 1999 Mónica Berdugo Obón
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