On the fourth July 1862, Lewis Carroll, who was a teacher at the university of oxford, invited three little girls, Alice, Lorrine and Edith Liddell, to spend the afternoon with him. they stook sandwiches with him and something to drink. It was hot and sunny so they took a boat and rowed slowly up the river. the three little girls took it in turns to row the boat until they got tired. Then, they stopped and got out of the boat to eat their sandwiches on the bank. While they were eating, Lewis carroll told the children a story. The story was about a little girl called Alice, and the adventures she had one hot afternoon. When they got home in the evening, Alice Liddell looked up at Carroll and said  ´I liked that story about Alice´s so much. Please will you write it down for me?´.
Lewis carroll, of course, wrote the story , following her advise, and therefore, here you are.