The story is situated in Denver.The couple arrives to a Summer Fun Fair and they decide to go to the Ferris Wheel, and its there where the action takes place. They buy twenty tickects, and after that they sit down on a car, specifically on a yellow one.The space seems to be symbolic because, on the one hand, when their car is on the top, she feels well; she has a feeling of freedom and dreams of travelling on the future; she looks at the sky and all what she can see is beautiful. However,on the other hand when their car is going down to the floor she thinks about death, she feels sad and isn´t sure about marrying with her boyfriend, she feels unable to keep another marriage.
Another important issue is the appearance of a lot of colours. The yellow colour has an important paper,this is the colour of their car. Are also very frequent the blue, red and green when she is happy, and black and white colours when she is sad.
From my point of view I think that the Ferris Wheel involves a metaphor of what life is. Life whirls like a Ferris Wheel so sometimes you are on the top, I mean, you feel well, and other times you are down, so you feel bad,and this could represent these moments of everybody's life.
Apart from that, along the story she is looking everywhere. When they are on the top, she looks down,and when they are down, she looks up. This could express her insecurity on the things she does. In conclusion, the space is reduced, but it is like if she could see all her life going past her eyes sitting on that yellow car. This makes her think of her future with her boyfriend and make decisions.


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