The Ancients
        The Medievals
        The Renaissance
        Early Romanticism
        Late Victorians
        Twentieth century critics


     The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of young painters that was formed in Britain in 1848.
They wanted to make sure that the horatian principle "ut pictura poesis" (painting and poetry are two ways of expressing the same ideas) was certain, so they all began painting and writing poetry.
Later on, some of them devoted themselves to paint, and others continued versifying, however, others, like Dante Gabriel Rosetti painted and verified throughout his career because of his talent for all of those arts.
Other of the ideas that they wanted to experiment was the one that was since Raphael´s time: the beauty became more important in the art, so they thought this was making worst these arts, for this reason the Brotherhoods returned to the principles of truth and usefulness for the art.