Student´s name:     Nieves de la Flor Ponce

    Title of the paper:     General Study about the New Criticism

    Author or topic:     New Criticism

    Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 words:
            I am going to try to do a syntesis about this cultural movement (the New Criticism), so I would like to point out some of the characteristics of the movement, and secondly I would like to point the authors of the twentieth century that are listed in the New Criticism, and their works. All this points would have a general point of view.
Also I would like to make reference to some aspects whose information I have got from internet and I think they would be interesting: Literary Criticism as a tool for interpreting literature, the relation between criticism and theory, and the comparitive criticism.

    Academic year 1998/1999

12 Marzo 1999

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