In order to complete our work and after reading this hypertext we have come to these conclusions:
It´s been a very interesting experience and we have learned a lot about hypertexts. This has been the first time we have faced the idea of reading this kind of literature.
When we read it for the first time, we thought that it was going to be a very difficult task, and it has been very difficult indeed as it needed a great investment of time and braincells. However we throroughly enjoyed it.
The most interesting part has been to discover many different plots with their possible endings during our non-linear readings.
Reading the text in a linear way was much easier and straight-forward, you just go from one page to the next one as if you were reading a book. The non- linear possibilities are much more exciting and they make you become involved in your reading, but there are so many possibilities than we couldn't analyse them all in this paper. That's why we decided to focus our work on the linear  reading and on some of the non-linear ones.
Now that we have finished our task we think that the internet is still an unknown world in which we have discovered a lot of things we didn't know about literature, but we've realised that there's still so much more out there. We have also learned to use the computer for more advanced aims.

In conclusion, we have made an effort  analysing this hypertext to make it more approachable, and we hope this site will be of interest to you. 



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