-Student Name: Rosario López Contreras

-Title of the Paper:  Linguistic and literary theory in the Structuralism of the School of Prague.

-Author or Topic:  Czech Structuralism.

-Abstract or summary of the research:

   I´m going to talk, in this work, about the principal theories of the structuralism, based on the Linguistic Circle of Prague. Mukarovsky, Vodicka or Jakobson are some of the authors who will illustrate the concepts of this stream.
    This movement has been one of the most important in this century, and I think I can approximate to the knowledge of its principal axioms.
    It is difficult to make a deep study of the structuralism, because it has a lot of branches, but I think that, making focus in the school of Prague, I could make a general idea of the line that follows this movement. I hope that my work won´t be so dense; I will talk about the terms with the most "normal" words I could choose, to know, as vell, the specific words that use the Structuralists.


Academic Year 1999/2000
    29 - Noviembre - 1999

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