-Student Name: Rosario López Contreras

-Title of the Paper:  "Magic in the Middle Earth"

-Author or Topic: J. R. R. Tolkien

-Abstract or summary of the research:

    The work I´m going to build will be about who, in my opinion, has been the best author in fantastic literature all over the world: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
    I will center my work, after a brief explanation of the biography of this author, in The Lord of the Rings, the work which gave worldwide recognition to Tolkien. Basing my opinions on this work and others, like The Hobbit or The Silmarillion, I will underline the most important aspects in the writing of Mr. Tolkien, like the creation of a new world (the Middle Earth) or the invention of several languages for the different habitants of this marvelous world, fruit of the prodigious imagination of this English writer.
    The object of my work is, in conclusion, inmerse the readers in the "Tolkien´s World", a world full of beauty, magic and fantastic events... a world which has bewitched me.

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Academic Year 1999/2000
    29 - Noviembre - 1999

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