First of all I would like to say that it is the first hypertext that i have read, and I think that it is very interesting and amused because a hipertext gives the possibility of choose between different ways. In "Make me a jewish man" you can´t change the end of history nor to choose between different ways because it has a linear structure, but it has been amused to work with it because I have learned many things to near the hypertexts. The idea that Jews had of Ideal Man seems to me very original.

It has not been too complicated to find information of the author since she is enough well-known by its extensive career in painting and drawing, and later by its multimedia works.

I think the subjects that the author, Sonya Rapoport treats in its hypertexts are very interesting because she speaks continously of the changes of sex. As well as in Arbor Erecta where the protagonist begins being a man but finishes being a woman.

Her subjects, as well as the images that shows in her hypertexts seem to me very original. As well as the covers of each one of her hypertexts.

I think working with the work "Make me a jewish man" has been interesting to know a society and its different customs, as well as to learn an hypertext servs for and how it works.