The structure of the hypertext "Make me a jewish man" is constructed to be read of linear form, which means that its reading does not have many possible bifurcations nor interpretations. Simply, you have to follow a linear reading chapter by chapter until to have read all the hypertext. In addition, the 9 chapters of which are formed "Make me a jewish man" consist of many images that you can be observing throughout the reading of the hypertext. By all this, it is not an extensive nor expensive hypertext, but that with only 10 minutes you can have read all its chapters while you saw its images.

The hypertext "Make me a jewish man" was published in 1999. In this year she was doing her technology exhibitions in Inventao, Cultural Itau Institute, ISEA, CAiiA-STAR, Sao Paulo, Brazil, DIGITALIS HALL in Europe, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, Alicante; and her book art exhibitions in The Artist's Book in California, for Center Book Arts, New York City, Goes Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Artist's Book in California, for Center Book Arts, New York City, Go Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.  



The time of history is developed at the time of the Ancient Israel, with the Talmudic ideas of Ideal Man. In "Make me a jewish man" we are moving by a Talmudic society that shows the different steps to us that a jewish man follows since he is born until he became an Ideal Man. For it, they must be prepared and be guided from small, and happening through different phases, as the fruit of the olive tree does until being prepared for its consumption.

  • The first chapter is introducing us into the principal ideas of the hipertext.
  • The second chapter shows that a non-phalic masculinity in a man is as necessary as the fact of removing the leaves and treaming the stream into a wedge in the Tree of live.
  • The third chapter shows that a nurture without deficiencies is as important in the man as in the olive tree.
  • The fourth chapter is dealing about the necessity of circumsize the children because they are as the fruit trees of God. 
  • Chapter five is talking about the propagation of new young olive trees. The importance of washing olives to remove foreign materials is as important as the passage from impurity of mother´s blood to purity of live in a community of men.
  • Chapter  six tells that Israelite men were feminized so that they could be perceived as God´s lovers.
  • In the chapter seven we can see that the circumcised man has to be educated by an androgynous rabbi to became a great man.
  • Chapter eight shows that a boy has to be guided to prevent bruises.  The women are not prepared to enter into the Torah. For that reason if they entered they would harm.
  • In the last chapter we can see as the man has became as a Thriving Olive Tree in God´s House that can give his oil as if he was a fruit of the olive tree.