Student´s name: Maria del Carmen Sánchez Catalán.

Title of the paper: "Charles Dickens: the most popular novelist of the 19th century".

Author or topic: Charles Dickens.

Abstract or sumary of the research in not more than 100 to max. 150 words:

My work on Charles Dickens, it is going to be about different aspects in connection with the author, such like a review of his life and literary production.

Next I will expose his techniques of writing and the similarities of these, in connection with another contemporany authors; I will also locate the author in his historical-social context and see in that way his work has been influenced by it.

Lastly, and thanks to the support with which we worked (Internet), I am going to try to locate the most possible number of articles, so that I will offer a wider vision of the author that occupies my work.

I wait for that with my work, I could enlarge our knowledge of Charles Dickens a little more,because he was a very popular novelist in his time.


Academic year 1998 / 1999
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