Subject: 14217 Poetry of s. XIX- XX   Group A


Student’s name: Honrubia Gomar, Sélica

Title of the paper: “The Lamb & Pied Beauty”

Author or topic: Blake, William and Hopkins, G.M.



Abstract:  The first paper is a poem of William Blake that talks about the French Revolution and is just describing the history of the Revolution in France before and after the Fall of the Bastille.

The second paper is an analysis and comparison of a romantic poet, William Blake and a Victorian poet, G.M. Hopkins, and the poems that we have chosen talk about the religion, and the different conceptions of it, and the relation of man with nature.


Auto-evaluation: I have worked very hard to do these papers, I really think that my papers are well-organized and all the information found has been used in my own words, moreover I have used the same structure for both papers: biographical life, analysis of the poems and how the poets have influenced in our time. I think, I deserve 7.5 points, for my papers.




Academic year 2007/2008
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