The Narrator

    This story is narrated in first person and we never know the name of the person who does so.  We can guess he is a man. He is afraid of the unknown and because of that it is important for him to face up the challenge of entering the house that night.
    He seems to be the most responsible and fearful among all the characters, being generally the last to enter the rooms.


    Kirsten and the narrator are the only ones who spend all the time of the story together. Sometimes they take their hands to have a physical contact and feel that they are not alone and that they can be stronger than the house.
    She often sees things that the others don't and this scares all of them and makes her feel hazy.
    There's one page at the beggining in which we read a strange experience Kirsten lived in her childhood: when she was shopping with her mother an old woman came and cried that Kirsten had a very close relation with the devil. Kirsten reacted with a smile, showing she was a very strong person with a peculiar personality.


    He is a bit crude and wants to show that he fears nothing. But whatever links you choose to read the story, Andrew will misteriously disappear.
    He has been a friend of the narrator for a long time because they studied together in high school and he also took part in the parties they used to do to drink.


    She has always been a very brave woman, but one hour before going to the house Shona phones her friend telling that she will not go because it is too dangerous. But when we are approaching one of the ends we find that she has pluckes up courage and is looking for her friends in the house


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