8th of June 1994

    The story starts a few minutes before the church bells toll twelve o´clock for the beginning of the 8th of June 1994. At that moment the main characters meet in the darkness prepared to enter Mrs. Kaplin's house.

    The whole story goes by that night into the house, but there are a few moments in which the narrator remembers past events (flash-backs).

   8th of June 1944

    Mrs. Kaplin's death. The police had serious problems to investigate the strange events happened that night in the house. Because of that reason they needed a medium's help (unofficially). After that they put the file away and closed the affair.

    15th of September 1994

    One of the ends takes place this day.
    Time has passed by and Shona, Kirsten and Andrew have died. All the deaths have been related to fire and the narrator is wondering what is going to happen with him.


 When he was seventeen
When they are in the house there is a moment in which they lose all notion of time and feel that something has happened while they were unconcious. Then the narrator recalls the parties in his friends' houses when they were around seventeen and spent many weekends drinking vodka like water. The hangovers were really horrible and disgusting.

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