Student´s name: Victoria Oficial Dominguez

Title of the paper: The realism in Charles Dickens´ books

Author or topic: Charles Dickens

Abstract or summary: In my paper, I am going to write about Charles Dickens, pointing shortly
and in a briefly summary, some details of his life.I would like to be able to describe what he
thought about social classes; exploring into some of his books, as for example : Oliver Twist
and David Copperfield, in which he recalls moments of his childhood and his adolescence.
As being a realistic author, I would like also to link him with his contemporaries and with those
who shows the life from a realistic point of view.Finally, I would try to get closer to one of the
Victorians ( 1812-1870 in his case ) authors.

Auto-evaluation: grade from 7 to 8.50

                                                     Academic year 1998/1999
                                                                    12.Marzo 1999
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