In Victorian times, it is the time of economic, social and  political progress, but on the

other hand it is a time of doubts, poverty and injustice. So it is natural that Charles

Dickens was influenced by those thoughts and general feelings, and as a

consequence,this situation was reflected in his books.After reading his novelsyou can

 observe howDickens is worried about the living conditions of the and lower classes.

His novels are very close to the reader and appeal to his/her feelings, what makes

Dickens to be criticized by the way in which he shows the reality and the corruption of

his times, where there are institutions that oppress some virtues, such as the

goodness.A good example of this are: Little Dorrit and Bleak House.

But above all it is remarkable the importance given to children in his novels, where

they appear as symbols of innocence. Oliver Twist and David Copperfield are the

 best examples. Oliver has no parents and runs away from the workhouse where he

lives then he meets Fagin who teaches him to be a thief. But Oliver wants a real home,

 with someone who loves him, and finally he gets his aim. Analizing  this books and

 going further we realize that  this stories are a reflection of his own childhood.

 He does not hide the reality.