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Papers on Beckett


Damned to Fame, by James Knowlson (1996), authorized by Beckett. Reviewed by J. D. O'Hara: "A magnificent biography". A tiny excerpt.

"An Outsider in His Own Life". The Last Modernist by Anthony Cronin (1997). Reviewed by Morris Dickstein. Read Chapter 1 here or here.

            Knowlson bookcover                                           Cronin bookcover                  


 Endgame, reviewed by Brooks Atkinson (1958): Although the dialogue is often baffling, there is no doubt about the total impression. We are through, he says."

 Happy Days, reviewed by Howard Taubman, 1961. "Mr. Beckett's threnody is grim, but in its muted, tremulous way it shimmers with beauty."
 Happy Days in Boston, 1997. Reviewed by The Boston Phoenix.

Book Reviews
 "Search for Peace in a World Lost" (Murphy) "Funniest, perhaps, of his novels, but least poetic, 'Murphy' evokes a ferocity of terror and humor that shames most well-made novels of our time."
 "Real Love Abides" (Malone Dies) Reviewed by William Barrett. "Mr. Beckett himself writes rather like a wounded bird, in short stabbing flights, never getting far into the air before he falls back, but wonderfully moving in these tiny arcs."
 "Lifelong Suffocation" (The Unnamable) Reviewed by Stephen Spender.
 "One Man's Universe" (Watt)
"Now that 'Watt' is available here, the first kind of admirers will make it truly their own. The second kind will be exquisitely bored. The third kind will naturally infer from their own inability to discover what on earth Mr. Beckett is talking about, that this is indeed a significant novel. "
 "While Waiting for Godot" (Mercier and Camier) Reviewed by Deirdre Bair. "Despite its somberness, it is in some ways a warm and funny book, occasionally tinged with stinging sarcasm."
 "Where Is the Where, Why Is Why" (How It Is)   Some snippets.

 "Dream of Fair to Middling Women" (1993)
"To non-Beckettians 'Dream' still offers the vicarious experience of being overwhelmed but not silenced by art, ideas, literature, language, sex and self."

 Other Beckett related material in The Times

Obit. Dec. 27, 1989

Historical relic: Hatchet job in the Times Book Review. One Joseph Epstein ("Visiting professor, Northwestern Univ.") lambasts Beckett and two books about him by scholars Hugh Kenner and A. Alvarez, November 25, 1973. Not posted by the Times.

 Game Without End  Review by Fintan O'Toole of two recent books:

The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett: Volume IV: The Shorter Plays, edited by Stanley Gontarski.

No Author Better Served: The Correspondence of Samuel Beckett and Alan Schneider, edited by Maurice Harmon.


 Book review: No Author Better Served: The Correspondence of Samuel Beckett and Alan Schneider. Jim McCue in The New Statesman.


 My friend, Samuel Beckett by Israel Horovitz,1989.

 Beckett remembered: 'Oh, all to end' by Robert Taylor,1989.

 Shedding light on a dark and droll Irish master by Mark Harman, 1996, on the Knowlson bio.

 Beckett's brightness on dark days by Askold Melnyczuk, 1996, on The Complete Short Prose. "Reads like a psalter, an anthology of prayers for relief from the burden of being".


Samuel Beckett : Beyond Biography by Stephen MitchelmoreBeckett image

 From Ireland: The word become spirit. Gerry Dukes in the IRISH TIMES

 Cogito ergo Sam. One final review of Knowlson's Damned to Fame, by Steven Drukman in American Theatre magazine.

 Spotlight on Samuel Beckett by Martin Esslin. His Life/Works/Philosophy/Humour and Technical Mastery.

 De "France 3 en ligne": une biographie

 Short, bleak biography. Daniel Lindley in BIBLIO.

 Final biography. Extensive biographical notes, drawn from Damned to Fame. A Fringeware Subculture page.

 Three Encounters with Beckett, a page by Tina Hsu, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Herbert Mitgang, Beckett in Paris, 1981

Kenneth S. Brecher, Samuel Beckett: Private in Public, 1988

John Montague, A Few Drinks and a Hymn: My Farewell to Samuel Beckett, 1994

 Sam's happy days, The Guardian, London. John Calder recalls his friend, Samuel Beckett, as a man of compassion, courage and humour.

 An Appreciation of Samuel Beckett. A rather perceptive piece in a rather small newspaper. Rick Lopez in the Erie (Pennsylvania) Times-News.

 Beckett and Brecht: Keeping the Endgame at a Distance by Jodi Hatzenbeller. A comparative analysis of Brechtian theatre and the themes of Endgame.

 Three chapters from The Plays of Samuel Beckett by Eugene Webb.

Chapter 2: Waiting for Godot
Chapter 4: Endgame
Chapter 7: Act Without Words I and II.

 “There is no escape from the hours and the days.”: ‘The goings-on’ of Samuel Beckett. An essay by David Parfitt, The King's School, Gloucester, England.

 Samuel Beckett's Postmodern Fictions by Brian Finney, California State Univ., Long Beach.

 Editing Beckett, by Stanley Gontarski in Twentieth Century Literature, 1995. An analysis of the inept editing and numerous publication blunders to which Samuel Beckett's work has been subjected.

 Revising Himself: Performance as Text in Samuel Beckett's Theatre. How Beckett transformed himself into a producer/director/theatre artist. By Stanley Gontarski in the Journal of Modern Literature.

 From Beckett to Stoppard: Existentialism, Death, and Absurdity by Ryan Petty.

 Beckett, openness and experimental cinema by Michael Schell.

 The Silence That Is Not Silence: Acoustic Art In Samuel Beckett's Embers, by Marjorie Perloff.

 PhD thesis: Samuel Beckett's Radio Plays: Music of the Absurd by Stefan-Brook Grant, Department of British and American Studies, University of Oslo.

Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: All That Fall
Chapter 3: Embers
Chapter 4: Words and Music and Cascando

 Play Analysis. The True-Real Woman: Maddy Rooney as Picara in All That Fall, by Sarah Bryant-Bertail, University of Washington, Seattle.

Beckett Bethicketted: James Joyce's influences on Beckett. By Stephen Dilks, Univ. of North Dakota.

Eavesdrop on the London Beckett Seminar where the participants had fun trying to dope out the literary references as they collectively read

How It Is
The Lost Ones
and Worstward Ho.

 Essay on A Piece of Monologue by Hwa Soon Kim, Univ. of Inchon, Korea.

Read A Piece of Monologue.

 Samuel Beckett: The Complete Short Prose, 1929-1989 Edited by Stanley Gontarski. Review by Paul West in The Bookery Bookpress.

 Waiting for Eleutheria

 An essay on Film by Samuel Beckett by Katherine Waugh & Fergus Daly, Ireland. "The greatest Irish film" Gilles Deleuze

A review, of sorts, in Life Magazine, Aug. 14, 1964. A couple of nice stills of Buster.
Brownlow on Beckett (on Keaton). Filmmaker Kevin Brownlow talks with Sam about Buster.

 An analysis and discussion of That Time by Aaron Appel.

That Time: A spotlit face is seen listening to its own voice emanating via loudspeaker from different points in the auditorium. The face itself never speaks, and its stage directions consist solely of blinking, breathing audibly and, at the very end, smiling.

 Beckett's Fiction in Different Words by Leslie Hill. Reviewed by Alan Astro: "A lively study of incomprehensibilty".

Samuel Beckett (1906-1989). A tribute from Leslie Hill.

Beckett, un écrivain devant Dieu par Jean Onimus.

The Absurdity of Samuel Beckett by Eva Navratilova, Center for Comparitive Cultural Studies, Palacky Univ., Olomouc, Czech Republic.

The Pornographic Imagination in All Strange Away by Graham Fraser, Univ. of Reading, England.

 Acting "at the nerve ends": Beckett, Blau, and the Necessary by Phillip Zarrilli, Univ. of Wisconsin.

 Pseud's Corner: Academicspeak

Cryptic Productions Samuel Beckett Festival website.

 Four Happy Critics:


Between Contiguous Extremes: Beckett and Brunonian Minimalism Michael Guest

Beckett and Foucault: Some Affinities Michael Guest

Act of Creation in Beckett's Catastrophe Michael Guest


Steven Conner Slow Going

Reflections on Samuel Beckett: The Subjective Imperative of Voice Robert Lukehart

Russell Smith Beckett, Negativity and Cultural Value


Related Sites



 Ireland Island

 La isla de la poesía.  Algunas consideraciones sobre literatura irlandesa. Por Viviana O´Connell


Other Sites and Pages on Beckett


 Samuel Beckett in the Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Award presentation speech by Karl Ragnar Gierow of the Swedish Academy
Ever see a Nobel Prize diploma? Impressive.
Beckett Wins Nobel for Literature N. Y. Times, Oct. 24, 1969.
Registration required.

Sam won six Village Voice Off-Broadway Theatre Awards ("Obies") but he probably never attended the award ceremonies in New York and he definately didn't appear at any of the pre-ceremony cocktail parties.

 Evergreen Review Feature on Beckett

 A Page for Godot Addicts (in Japanese)


 Beckett and Joyce Comic Strip

 Katerie Prior's The Samuel Beckett Homepage

 La maison Samuel-Beckett

 London Beckett Seminar

 Raymond Federman's Page

 The Samuel Beckett Endpage

 Samuel Beckett at Christopher Ritter's Bohemian Ink

 Samuel Beckett's Post-Modern Fictions by Brian Finney

 The Dutch Samuel Beckett Foundation

 The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Page

 Apple's Samuel Beckett ad unsavoury at core by Vit Wagner in The Toronto Star.

 New book: Samuel Beckett and the Arts: Music, Visual Arts, and Non-Print Media, edited by Lois Oppenheim. A "comprehensive presentation of Samuel Beckett's use of the musical and visual arts." Twenty essays and analyses, some by well-known Beckettians. Hardcover, 416 pages (according to Barnes & Noble -- Amazon says 300), $75. Read one essay.

Brief book descriptions

Directing Beckett by Lois Oppenheim

The World of Samuel Beckett by Lois Gordon

 Book review: Conversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram van Velde by Charles Juliet. Reviewed by Mark Finch in contemporary visual arts, Britain, who refers to these conversations as "interviews".

 Two samples of Sam's somewhat illegible handwriting deciphered and translated by Prof. Hans Hiebel, Graz, Austria.

 Waiting for Beckett, award winning television documentary from Global Village, reviewed by Tane Lee Alves in the East Hampton (NY) Independent. Read additional comments by the producer/director, or buy the video.

 "Now What I Wonder Do I Mean By That? (Interpreting Beckett)" by Louis Menand.

Scene from   Theater criticism from Slate.  



 A brief but interesting bibliography by Johnny Eck

 A comprehensive bibliography of books in English and German.

 How one person researched, produced and directed a performance of Endgame. Seven phases, 46 very short pages which could stand a bit of proofreading. A master's thesis by Leon Ingulsrud.

 The Old Tune from the Tübingen, Germany Anglo-Irish Theatre Group

 Company on stage at Williams College, by Lawrence Graver

 Interactive Beckett (real, not virtual), from no less than The Royal Shakespeare Company.

 Journal of Beckett Studies, the New Series, from the English Department at Florida State Univ.

Índice y extractos de los artículos en Beckettiana, una publicación anual del departamento de la filosofía y de las cartas en la universidad de Buenos Aires. En español e inglés.


Beckett Interviews


 The Hapless Dilettante News The Samuel Beckett Interviews


On-line Texts


Some posted without explicit permission.

Short works (First two are three pages. Click on "Next" to turn the page.)

Words and Music.

   To both read and listen to it, first click here, then here.


Eh, Joe

·                     Act Without Words II

·                     Dieppe, Cascando. Two poems.

·                     Quatre Poèmes

·                     Echo's Bones

·                     Roundelay

·                     What is the Word

·                     Neither

·                     Company (excerpts)

·                     The last sentence of The Unnamable, parsed and punctuated by Colin Greenlaw.

·                     what would I do without this world (poem)

·                     Ooftish

·                     Breath  ("Inspiration" = Inhalation, "Expiration" = Exhalation)

Londoners gasp at Beckett's 35-second play by Paul Keller, Reuters.

·                     A Piece of Monologue

·                     Krapp's Last Tape

·                     Stirrings Still

·                     Fizzle 3 and Fizzle 4

·                     Endgame

·                     Waiting for Godot

Act 1

Act 2

Annotated versions

Colgate Univ.  Act 1  Act 2

Penelope Merritt  Act 1  Act 2


Losigkeit (Lessness)
Sechs Gedichte (Six Poems)
Krepp utolsó szalagja (Krapp's Last Tape)
   El Expulsado
   El Final
   Esperando a Godot
   Malone Muere
   Waiting for Godot


On-Line Bookstores                                                           

Books by Beckett

Books about Beckett. 359 and counting.

 Barnes and Noble

Books by

Books about

 Foxrock Books

Stirrings Still. Special numbered printing of 226, signed by Beckett. $2000.

 Internet Bookshoppe, Britain, a division of W. H. Smith ("At the frontiers of technology and customer service").

Books by  Enter "Samuel Beckett" in "Author", click on Search Now.

Books about  Enter "Samuel Beckett" in "Title", click on Search Now.


Videos  Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Prices include public perfomance rights. Substantially less if purchased for private viewing.

Three Plays: Eh Joe, Footfalls and Rockaby. "Special studio recordings" featuring Billie Whitelaw. 80 minutes, black and white. $149.
Silence to Silence  Portrait of Beckett's artistic life, seen through his works. Selected scenes from plays, acted by his well known interpreters. 80 minutes, color. $149.
As the Story Was Told  BBC profile of Beckett from his childhood to old age. "A rare glimpse into the reclusive world of this literary giant." 2 parts, 55 minutes each, colour. $259.

 online classics
View the Three Plays, Rockaby, Eh Joe and Footfalls. Available for a limited time without charge, in streamed Windows Media format. Select low speed or high speed, or high resolution 300 Kbps (broadband) in which fine, full-screen performances can be experienced.

 Happy Days 

 A video of the original airing of Happy Days, June 25, 1980 on WNET/13, New York, in their Great Performances series. Distributed by The Broadway Theatre Archive.
Starring Irene Worth as Winnie and George Voskovec as Willie.
Directed by David Heeley and produced by Joseph Papp. 90 minutes, color. $29.95.



 From facets video, a non-profit media arts organization.
Krapp's Last Tape starring Jack MacGowran, about whom Beckett once said, "I didn't have to talk to him; I didn't have to direct him. He just knew." A 1971 recording. $59.95.

    » Coming Soon «  The Beckett Film Project. A new filming of all 19 plays, starring Jeremy Irons, Julianne Moore, Barry McGovern, Harold Pinter, John Gielgud (in his last acting appearance) and others. The entire program of films will be shown on Britain's Channel 4 and on RTE in Ireland (the co-producers), and will "ultimately" be released in a boxed video set.

Listen to Michael Colgan, director of this project, discuss it with Michael Enright on the CBC's This Morning. (RealAudio 17 min.)
Beckett goes to Hollywood by Tillmann Allmer in The Guardian, London. An excellent summation of the entire project that follows an unfortunate headline, given the fact that none of these plays will be filmed in Hollywood. Indeed, one (Happy Days) was shot outdoors on a volcano in the Canary Islands.
Review by Liam Lacey in the Toronto Globe and Mail.
The Reel Beckett. If Samuel Beckett were alive today, what would he make of the 19 films of his plays, about to be released as the Beckett on Film project? Fintan O'Toole hazards a guess.


     D Coming All Too Soon :•(  
The Beckett Story
, hopefully in glorious black and white, narrow screen and 15 minutes (or less) in length. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Samuel Beckett, fresh from his forthcoming triumph in Martin Scorsese's "Gangs of New York" in which he stars in the sensitive role of Bill "The Butcher" Poole. Watch for it at your local Cineplex 14. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder who the hell concocted the idea to even attempt it.

Waiting for Godot (View a sample, below)


Krapp's Last Tape

 Download and view
a 42 second Quicktime movie of a scene from Waiting for Godot (San Quentin Drama Workshop), 3.775 megabytes, in colour. (Webmaster's comment: "Excellent".)   

 San Quentin Drama Workshop? Portraits -- Samuel Beckett

 Sketch by Tom Phillips of Beckett directing the San Quentin group in a rehearsal of Godot.

  Global Village videos

Waiting for Beckett

Peephole Art: Beckett for Television
     Not I
     Quad I & II
     What Where



 Film  and  Waiting for Godot (the version with Zero Mostel and Burgess Meredith, 1976)

 British Universities Film and Video Council
    (Available in PAL or NTSC format).

Eh, Joe! Beckett's first play written specifically for television. Original 1972 taping. 25 minutes.
What?...Who?...No!...She! Renowned Beckett scholar and biographer James Knowlson discusses with Billie Whitelaw the background to her performances of several of his works. 34 minutes.
Thirty-nine today  Max Wall, the actor and former music-hall comedian, discusses with James Knowlson his experiences acting Krapp. 21 minutes.




    Samuel Beckett Radio Plays
Produced by Voices International and distributed by Evergreen Review

All That Fall

Words and Music. Music by Morton Feldman.



Rough for Radio II


Cover Image Words and Music. A 1987 collaboration between Beckett and composer Morton Feldman. Performed by the Ensemble Recherche on Montaigne/Auvidis Records.

The Note Man and the Word Man. An interview with Morton Feldman about composing the music for Samuel Beckett's radio play, Words and Music. Interviewer: Everett C. Frost.


 From Ubu Web. Listen to two radio plays.

Words and Music. Not the Morton Feldman version. The music in this 1979 performance by the Theater for Your Mother was composed by Mark E. Miller. Available in streamed Real Audio (16 kbps) or MP3 (80 kbps).

To both listen to and read it, first click here, then here.

Cascando. Performed by the Theater for Your Mother in a 1979 recording. Real Audio or MP3.


 Billie Whitelaw, actress, lecturer and author, describes "the pleasure (mostly) and pain (only a little)" of working with Beckett. Hear it in Real Audio (10 min.). Registration required.

 Michael Colgan, director of the Gate Theatre of Dublin, talks Beckett with Michael Enright on the CBC's This Morning. Hear it in Real Audio, 7 min, 40 sec.

 Alleged Beckett sounds Acoustic and synthesized (including a 30 sec. sample)


Beckett Festivals


  Beckett Festival and Symposium, The Hague, 1992

  The Beckett Festival, Lincoln Center, 1996

Richard Corliss's report on it in Time magazine.


Kunsthalle, Treitlstraße 2, Vienna, Austria, February 4 - April 30, 2000.



Multimedia Exhibition: Samuel Beckett/Bruce Nauman


The Beckett/Nauman Nexus



 Mini-Festival, Chicago, June, 2000. Buckets O'Beckett -- Four Short Plays by Samuel Beckett



Beckett TimeCryptic Productions Samuel Beckett Festival
Glasgow, Scotland, Oct. 13-22, 2000. A ten day Scottish-led international event that will take an innovative and radical approach to Beckett in presenting a programme of theatre, dance, film and educational events, and a new contemporary chamber opera


Beckett Fest 2001, presented by the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg, Canada, from the 11th to the 27th of January. More than 100 performances of Beckett works including the staging of all the major plays and dramaticules, broadcasts on local FM of radio plays, puppet theatre and late night post-performance watering and Beckett banter at the King's Head pub that includes Friday open mike. Who says Winnipeg's a cold place in winter?


Theatre, Brighton, England. Four dramas - Rockaby, A Piece of Monologue, Ohio Impromptu and Catastrophe. Performances from Tuesday, 22 May to Saturday, 2 June, 2001 at 8pm.


The After Beckett Music Festival, December, 2001, Berlin & Amsterdam




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